Stellar InnoStrat Consulting is born  out of a dream to serve the industry and make a difference to the Manufacturing and allied Organizations, with its current focus and activities in India. Our Purpose is to create a new future for Organizations in their Reliability and Physical Asset Management for delivering sustained  competitive advantage

Today Manufacturing Organizations of all sizes, more so in the continuous process industry, own and operate physical assets of various designs, sizes and complexity and they all strive to ensure that their physical assets deliver value to them at all stages and at all times. The world has moved significantly ahead toward this goal, from performing Maintenance on the Assets, to preserving and enhancing their Reliability and now to Asset Management as a discipline, for delivering value over their life cycle.

Maintenance & Reliability Management

Maintenance & Reliability are the two main Pillars for an Organization helping to manage their Physical Assets in the Operation and Maintenance phase of the Asset Life Cycle. 

The Strategic Framework of the Organization ensures that all the Functions, Departments, Disciplines and Teams are aligned to and guided by the Framework in performing their roles.

The Support Functions provide the necessary support to the Maintenance & Reliability efforts of the Organization. Enablers have the primary role to enable all the implementations

Asset Performance Management